radical alignment

by Alexandra Jamieson & Bob Gower

A book about difficult conversations.

(and how they can change your life)

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What People Are Saying

  • Successful communication leads to intentional action, which can only happen with enrollment. This book offers you a breakthrough in finding all three.

    Seth Godin

    Author of Leap First

  • Radical Alignment offers a simple straightforward process to start and engage in difficult conversations. Jamieson and Gower have created a structure that actually makes you want to begin the conversations we so often shy away from. By the end of the introduction, I was ready to jump into the process with both feet. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for an accessible, pragmatic method to becoming a better communicator.

    Ash Beckham

    author of Step Up

  • As a person who grew up in a household where healthy, collaborative communication was sorely lacking, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this book. As a result of my childhood, it took me decades to learn just the basics of productive conversation and communication in my personal and professional life. I highly recommend this book if you’ve struggled to feel heard or understood, and want a roadmap to deepen your connection with the people in your life.

    Nicole Jardim

    Women’s Health Coach, author of Fix Your Period and co-host of The Period Party podcast

  • I can’t even tell you how many people I’ve recommended the process in this book to. If you need to have a difficult conversation, get on the same page, or decide whether or not to move forward with someone or something, this book provides a seamless roadmap so that everything that needs to be said is said and you can feel assured and aligned in your decisions.

    Kate Northrup

    bestselling author of Do Less

  • In this marvelous, beautifully written, accessible and deeply felt book, Alex Jamieson and Bob Gower offer a unique and nuanced perspective on what real conversations entail. In avoiding clichés, they broach a very difficult subject with startling honesty, insight, depth and clarity. I highly recommend it to anyone who is tired of the ordinary and/or looking to take their relationships to the next level. And I would recommend it to anyone within an organization who is truly invested in meaningful collaboration.

    Srini Pillay

    M.D. Psychiatrist, brain researcher, and author of Tinker Dabble Doodle Try: Unlock the Power of the Unfocused Mind

  • gary

    Bob Gower and Alex Jamieson have written a terrific guide for having hard conversations — digestible, usable, and welcoming. RADICAL ALIGNMENT provides a clean structure that ensures our messiest conversations can be productive.

    Gary Bagley

    Executive Director of New York Cares

  • jennifer

    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are about so much more than hiring and compensation. It’s about changing the way teams and individuals interact so we are able to truly hear each other and benefit from the variety of perspectives at the table. Too often in my work I see leaders and organizations neglect this crucial aspect of DEI. In this accessible and readable book, Alex and Bob provide a simple set of tools that will help you and your team align and thrive.

    Jennifer Brown

    author of How to Be an Inclusive Leader

  • shane

    Alex and Bob have incredible insight into the human mind and how different people communicate— so it’s no surprise that their writing is incredibly clear and helpful. Their methodology for improving people’s alignment at work and in life will change the way you think forever.

    Shane Snow

    bestselling author of Dream Teams

  • josh

    So many of the challenges we face in our work—and personal lives—come down to people misunderstanding each other. Bob and Alex have created a powerful framework to help us bridge this divide.

    Josh Seiden

    author of Outcomes Over Output

  • tina

    Magic happens when groups of people harness their intention and strengths for a common goal. And RADICAL ALIGNMENT helps you do just that.

    Tina Roth Eisenberg

    founder of CreativeMornings and CEO of Tattly

  • Bary

    The quality of your empathy directly correlates to the quality of information you can gather, and the resulting quality of decisions you make. Understanding people’s challenges, intentions, and often conflicting goals will enable you to create high-performing teams and better collaborations. This book will show you the way.

    Barry O’Reilly

    author of Unlearn and Lean Enterprise, founder of ExecCamp

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  • Workbook: A beautifully designed digital workbook to help you harness the power of the book to help you become a truly excellent facilitator. [value: $29]
  • Support for Rising Leaders of Color: we donate $1 for each book purchased to Management Leadership for Tomorrow — help us reach our $5,000 goal! [value: priceless]
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About the Authors

Alexandra Jamieson is the bestselling author of five books, and co-creator / co-star of the Oscar-nominated documentary Super Size Me. She is a highly-sought-after success mentor and motivational guide for thousands and has made it her mission to empower women to create epic lives. Her work has been praised by Oprah, The Today Show, Dr. Oz, Goop, Martha Stewart Living, the New York Times, CNN, Elle, Marie Claire, USA Today, People, and many others. She is the host of Her Rules Radio, a #1 rated podcast and an award-winning watercolor painter who has created commissioned works for clients around the world. As a life-long learner, her wellness expertise has grown out of a decade of experience, as well as her education at the Natural Gourmet Institute, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and a certification in Applied Positive Psychology. 

Bob Gower is a New York-based consultant, writer, and speaker. He is contributor to Inc. magazine and the author of the books Agile Business: A Leader’s Guide to Harnessing Complexity and Radical Alignment: How to Have Game-Changing Conversations to Transform Your Business and Life. He is a sought-after speaker and teacher, having keynoted gatherings on four continents and lectured at Columbia University, NYU’s Stern School of Management, the Berlin School and many others. Bob has worked with leaders at organizations from multinationals like Chanel, Ericsson, Ford, and GE to non-profits like New York Public Radio, the Studio Museum in Harlem, and the Wikimedia Foundation, as well as innovative tech companies and numerous startups. He holds an MBA in Sustainable Systems and a certification in Applied Positive Psychology.

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5 Reasons You Need Radical Alignment

  • 1Your life and well-being are connected intimately to the people you interact with and how you interact with them.
  • 2Learning how to talk about tough topics, in a constructive way, is one of the most valuable things you can do to strengthen your relationships.
  • 3If you have rich conversations before you hit trouble, you’ll not only avoid blowups, but you can often create radical alignment.
  • 4Alignment can be the difference between success and failure; and between pain and joy.
  • 5When you reduce unnecessary interpersonal friction, you unlock the true potential of relationships.